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Full Body Groom

The full body groom offers everything your dog needs to look his or her best and it the ultimate in doggy pampering! It includes a personal consultation, a free 8 point health check,  full brush out, dead hair removal, a nail clip, a trim between pads and paws, an ear cleanse, deep cleansing hydro massage bath, a warm blow dry, custom coat styling and spritz of luxury finishing                        cologne. Any add on treatments listed below may be added to your pets full body groom.


Mini Groom

A mini groom is perfect for in between full body grooms. This includes a personal consultation, free 8 point health check, full brush out, dead hair removal, nail clip, deep cleansing hydro massage bath, ear cleanse, a warm blow dry and a spritz of luxury finishing cologne.  Any add on treatments listed below may be added to your pets mini groom.

Wash and Go Sparkle Treatment

This is perfect for short coated breeds that love to moult! Treatment includes a personal consultation, 8 point health check, deep cleansing hydro massage bath, a good blast with our high velocity hair dryer, de shedding treatment, nail clip, ear cleanse and a luxury finishing cologne.

Puppy Pamper

Getting your new puppy used to grooming is very important. Grooming isn’t just about making your puppy look good. Regular care removes dead hair and keeps the coat and skin healthy. Starting a grooming regime early is essential as it allows puppy to become accustomed to the sounds and smells of the spa.  We recommend an introduction to the spa as soon as vaccinations                          have been completed.  We offer a puppy pamper package which includes a luxury puppy bath, blow dry, ears cleanse, nail                               trim, luxury finishing cologne and a positive experience! (Only available for puppies up to the age of 24 weeks)


Blueberry Facial

Your dog will receive a refreshing and hydrating blueberry scented facial scrub to cleanse, soothe and balance the skin.  This will help remove dirt, unsightly tear staining around eyes and saliva staining around the mouth and cheeks. Your pets face will be good enough to kiss!

                         (Can be added to full groom or mini groom for an extra £7.00)

Oatmeal Facial

This simple and effective foaming cleanser is used for eliminating facial odours.  It contains baking soda which is a gentle exfoliate and has been proven to deodorize whilst the oatmeal soothes the delicate facial skin. This facial treatment works brilliantly on the folds of the face on those wonderful wrinkly breeds that may visit the spa.

(Can be added to full groom or mini groom for an extra £7.00)

Dental Clean

This includes a teeth clean using a specially designed canine friendly toothpaste, containing enzymes to help remove plaque and tartar from your dogs teeth.  With regular use this will encourage a healthy mouth. The treatment is completed with a spray of doggy breath freshner, a must for any pamper session! 

                         (Can be added to full groom or mini groom for an extra £7.00)

Flea Shampoo

Worried about friends joining your pet that haven't been invited? We can bathe your pet usng a specifically designed shampoo containing tea tree and lavender that will help repel fleas and other biting insects whilst gentle enough to soothe your pets skin.

(Can be added to full groom or mini groom for an extra £7.00)

Ask Liz about adding any of these treatments onto your pets full body or mini-groom!